Can Man, Key West, Florida

Francis Rambeau, Commercial Inshore Fisherman,  Smeltbrook, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia  Passed away on his Boat while Fishing, RIP

Francis Rambeau, Commercial Inshore Fisherman,  Smeltbrook, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia  Passed away on his Boat while Fishing, RIP

Glenora Single Malt Whisky Distillery Spirit Safe that allows the monitoring of the spirit in the distillation process.  Legally the operator cannot come come into contact with the safe so it is padlocked.  Showing the reflection of the Master Distiller. 

Glenora Distillery, Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia  

Frank Kuiack, The last fishing guide at Algonquin Park passed away  at 87 in 2021 after guiding since he was eight years old. Frank had 22 canoes stashed throughout the park's backwoods and was instrumental in helping create new environmental protocols for the aquatic life in Algonquin. RIP

Maria Buzeta, Retired Scientist from  St. Andrews Biological Research Station and Underwater Photographer testing new underwater LED Lighting in Bay of Fundy

Risky or more accurately ; Risque Rock Rappelling in Northern Ontario

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Urchin Fisherman,  Campobello Island, New Brunswick 

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